week#8 digital footprint

Lets look at it like this I don’t really use the internet much unless I’m doing schoolwork or photography but… if I were to use it I’m positive that I would be safe and responsible on it. The internet is a big thing to some people or most people but to me its not a big deal because I like to spend my time outside with friends and playing sports. But yes if I were to have any interact with the internet it would be a safe responsible place.

week#13-Week#4 poem- choice poem


I look out my window in the morning and see the sun shining bright onto the raindrops resting on the roses                                                                                                                                                   making a beautiful meaning to the world…they remind me of how the people should be….

week #2 poem

Late at night I sit on the roof I stare at the stars, for hours and I think,                                                                          I think to myself what if the stars could talk, what if they could move…..Image result for images of the stars

week #7 choice post “My soccer team”

My Soccer Team

We’re well CRAZY, cool, respectful, A team worthy, zesty, and young

We may not always be strong but we try to go above and beyond

On the field its like a home its nice and warm but sometimes cold,your                                                           welcome no matter what your told, thats where I call my friendly home

Week #5 Culture and Family

This blog is about my culture and family, I´m going to start by telling you about some of our families traditions. Almost every year since I was about 1 1/2 we would go to old town bandon and camp there for a week and a half. While we are there we go shopping in the town and go to the wildlife park. In the town theres a lot of little shops that have candy, toys, clothes, gifts, ect.  When we go to the wildlife park we usually get little treats to give to the animals, when you first walk in goats and donkeys and other animals come up to you and you feed them the food.  Another tradition we do every year is go to christmas valley, we go out where no one else is and camp for two weeks. When we get there we set up camp then go driving, I learned how to drive many different cars. At least once or twice we go and shoot cans and bottles. Sometimes we will go to crack in the ground, crack in the ground is a tunnel/cave type thing. You go threw the tunnels and up and down the tunnels then at the end of each tunnel is a dirt path on that path u can either choose to hike it or go back to your car. By the end of the two weeks you have a nice tan and are ready to go home.

Blog #7 – Let’s Talk School

In this I’m gonna be talking about my after school life including my chores and sports. Everyday after school I either go home or I go to a friends house. On days that I go home I eat, chill for a bit, then I do my chores etc. On days I go to a friends house I usually do my homework then we listen to music and sometimes go on a walk if its nice outside. On sports days, I go the locker room and get my uniform on. Then the team practices, usually we start with laps and then dynamics, plus drills. Some days I have games, too. On game days, we warm up before we have the game, and after the game, we give the other team high fives no matter who won and who lost. That is my sports life, hope you enjoyed!

Blog #8 – Community

The community I am part of is my soccer team. The pros of being on a soccer team are: meeting a lot of new people and making a lot of new friends, getting exercise, having something to do with your free time, and learning how to work as a team. The cons of being on a soccer team are: very aggressive people, sometimes people are bad at sharing (ball hog), you get hurt a lot, and if you do one wrong thing, you could mess up chances of being able to play soccer for all your life. Some responsibilities of being on a soccer team is that you have to make sure your team is safe and alright, you have to know what you’re doing and be aware of your surroundings so you don’t hurt anyone, and you have to be able to hold your own weight in a game and not rely on others. That is the community I’m in and I’m proud to be in it!